Utility Classroom supports the Association of Women in Energy (AWE)

March 7, 2018


In honor of International Women’s Day let’s be in awe of AWE, the Association of Women in Energy. AWE’s mission is to encourage, assist and unite women in the energy industry through networking, education and mentoring opportunities.

In that spirit, just in the last couple of weeks, Utility Classroom has had the privilege of meeting or working with some impressive women leaders in the clean energy and the utility industries. If you’d like us to introduce you to network or to seek mentors, please contact us using our “info” email address (we won’t put it here because of the unfortunate professional spammers out there…) at

Last week we were fortunate to attend the Advanced Energy Economy’s (AEE) Energy Forward event. AEE is an association of business leaders who are making the global energy system more secure, clean, and affordable. AEE is all about growing clean energy jobs and business in the US, a sector responsible for more than 3.3M jobs and $2ooB in business. This influential, clean energy trade association has a number of talented women leaders and we’ll mention a few:

  • Interim CEO, Heather O’Neill – Heather is impressively leading AEE through a critical time of change in it’s history.
  • Vice President of Membership & Corporate Development, Laura Bartsch – Laura put together and emceed AEE’s event, bringing together policy makers, business leaders, energy companies and large energy customers. Everyone we talked to loved the event.
  • Senior Vice President, 21st Century Energy System, Lisa Frantzis – Lisa’s a veteran leader in the industry, having previously been a Managing Director in Navigant Consulting’s energy practice.
  • Public Utility Commission Programs Director, Hannah Polikov – Hannah is sharp, leading the programs working with commissioners around the country and playing key roles on AEE’s Utility Advisory Council and work with the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC). And has a law degree from Duke…

Some other great clean energy women leaders you should meet:

  • Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) Forum, Managing Director, Heather Reams – Let Heather tell you how important and aligned the growth of clean energy is to a fiscally conservative agenda: jobs, economic growth, clean air and water – you will be pleasantly surprised.
  • Edison Electric Institute, Vice President, Law & Corporate Secretary, Emily Fisher – Emily keeps a unique balance of practicality and utility industry policy, which is not as easy as she makes it look.  And a law degree from Georgetown…
  • Pepco Holdings, Communications Director, Cynthia McCabe – we hope she’ll forgive us mentioning her while she provides communications leadership in the middle of their storm response. How about giving the DC area a break, Mother Nature?

You want to meet another CEO? Suzanne Shelton is the President and CEO of the Shelton Group, a marketing and communications firm specializing in clean and sustainable energy programs for their clients – you’ve likely seen Suzanne present on panels at conferences and trade shows and is the driving force of her firm.

There are a great many talented women entering the clean energy and utility industries. Get involved in AWE or organizations like them, or reach out to us to connect with some of the industry leaders listed here. We also encourage you to come to a Utility Classroom workshop to learn and network – you shouldn’t be surprised that a majority of the attendees are women. And if you are interested in periodically being an instructor for a Utility Classroom program or have a new program idea, we want to hear from you.

Utility Classroom is a proud sponsor of AWE. If your company is looking for success in the clean energy, cleantech, or utility industries, shouldn’t you be a sponsor, too?

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