Clean Energy Meets the Electric Utility Industry

Is this workshop right for you?

Have you recently joined the clean energy or utility industry? Do you work for:

  • a clean tech or clean energy company
  • electric utility
  • utility supplier
  • non-profit
  • regulatory agency
  • policy-maker

Do you have to communicate complex energy topics to customers or the public? Are you an experienced professional looking to keep up with the changes and disruptions in the industry?

Then this is a workshop for you. What you learn will help you with your job. Let’s get you up to speed.

When you’re done you will know …

So much more than you ever thought you were missing! You can tell all your friends about clean, green, renewable, and advanced energy & how the grid works. You’ll be able to share your knowledge of the many types of generation–especially what clean means. Everyone will be impressed when you explain the different monopoly business models, and when someone asks, “What’s a NERC?” you’ll know. Plus you’ll know what a FERC is. Wow them with your grasp of the North American grid organization, and explain why disruption has the industry in an upheaval. PURPA and Net Metering will no longer keep you up at night, and you’ll rest easier knowing that unbundling and deregulation are occurring all across the country. If all of that wasn’t enough, we’ll throw in some customer trends and discuss the promise of de-carbonizing the transportation industry! All in one day.