The Clean Energy transition is happening – with opportunities galore – are you ready to take advantage of them?

The utility and energy industries are moving to cleaner and renewable types of electricity generation technology like wind and solar, paired with storage, to replace traditional power plants. New “cleantech” companies are entering the market, disrupting the status quo. Multiple states are freeing customers to have greater choices. Regulation changes underway at the federal level are affecting the future of US electric markets. All of this change is creating new opportunities for US technology innovation, increased economic growth, and new jobs. Want to be part of this transition? Do you want to better understand how your role can directly impact this transition? Attend some of Utility Classroom’s webinars and workshops.

Is this for you?

Have you recently joined the clean energy or utility industry? Do you work for a cleantech or clean energy company, electric utility, utility supplier, non-profit, regulatory agency, or policy-maker? Do you have to communicate complex energy topics to customers or the public? Maybe you are an experienced professional looking to keep up with the changes and disruptions in the industry happening around you. Come join us…it will be well worth you time! See what previous attendees say here.

What's new?

What's New?

Utility Classroom Webinar Series – Coming Soon!

Webinars: learn wherever you are For those wishing to avoid travel or a full day out of the office, Utility Classroom will be launching the webinar series, “Clean Energy and … Read more


Utility Classroom supports CleanTX

Everyone knows that Texas is big.  In the United States, when you think energy leadership, Texas is really big.  And when you think clean energy, technology, & innovation, Texas is … Read more


Utility Classroom supports the Association of Women in Energy (AWE)

In honor of International Women’s Day let’s be in awe of AWE, the Association of Women in Energy. AWE’s mission is to encourage, assist and unite women in the energy … Read more

What our class attendees say

“Extremely informative.  I didn’t even realize all the information I did not know.  Scott took complex subjects and made them relatable to your average Joe.  Scott’s passion for what he does is evident.”

Raleigh attendee
on Getting to Know Today’s Electric Utility Industry

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