How are YOU making an impact on the industry? Join us to better understand it.

Register for one of our workshops to learn what clean, green and renewable energy really mean; how the electric grid functions and how grid operators are handling greater penetrations of clean energy; why utility regulation models may not encourage change; how solar changed everything; and the challenges and promises of de-carbonizing transportation. Throughout the day we will simplify the overly complex industry jargon and help you gain better insights into the changes, challenges, and opportunities for you in today’s energy marketplace. Ask questions and have some fun along the way…it’s worth a day of your time.

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Have you recently joined the clean energy or utility industry? Do you work for a clean tech or clean energy company, electric utility, utility supplier, non-profit, regulatory agency, or policy-maker? Do you have to communicate complex energy topics to customers or the public? Maybe you are an experienced professional looking to keep up with the changes and disruptions in the industry. Come join us…you are in the right spot!

Early registration pricing for April Texas events ends on March 16.

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“…Everyone in the renewable energy industry who is tasked with communicating to any audience about how renewables are integrated into the grid needs to take this course!”

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